Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting

When may I visit?
Our service times are listed below. While you are welcome to attend any service, most first-time guests prefer to attend the Sunday AM service, which is the primary worship service.

How long is each service?
The Sunday AM service runs approximately 75-90 minutes. All other services are approximately one hour.

What should I expect during the service?
During the Sunday morning worship service the congregation sings hymns from hymnals that are provided in the pew rack in front of your seat. You are welcome to join us in singing, if you would like. The songleader will ask the congregation to stand at certain times, such as for the hymns. We also enjoy listening to special music performed by the choir or smaller choral groups. All of our music is conservative.

Bible reading, prayer, and the collection of an offering are also part of the service. All gifts are voluntary. We do not expect our guests to contribute to the offering.

The sermon is the focal part of the service - it lasts approximately 45 minutes. Pastor Hollandsworth will read from a Bible passage, explain and illustrate the text, and then make applications for 21st century living. The purpose of the sermon is to help us learn what the Word of God teaches and to challenge us spiritually.

The service usually ends with a brief invitation to make spiritual decisions. The invitation is entirely voluntary and without any pressure. The pastor then closes with a benediction.

What should I bring?
You do not need to bring anything. If you have a Bible, it will help you follow along with the pastor's sermon. If not, you may use one of the Bibles provided in the pew rack in front of your seat. An alphabetical table of contents in the front of the Bible indicates where each book is located (the Bible is a collection of 66 books). We use the New King James Version of the Bible in our services.

What should I wear?
There is no particular dress code. You will see many men wearing coat and tie and many women wearing skirts or dresses. This is because we view the gathering of saints to worship God as a special occasion. But you will see people dressed in a variety of ways. Our focus is on the heart, not on what you wear.

What about my children?
Nursery care is provided for infants and toddlers. They can be checked into the nursery before (or during) the service. All other children remain in the service with the adults. The service is geared to meet the needs of the entire family.

What if I have a question?
Our ushers can answer most questions. In fact, they will meet you at the door and offer to be of any assistance. They will hand you a visitor's packet, which contains a visitor's card. We would kindly request that you complete the visitor's card and place it in the offering plate when passed or hand it to an usher after the service, so we can have a record of your visit. If you need any spiritual guidance or counsel, please speak with Pastor Hollandsworth after the service. He typically greets folks as they exit the building and would be glad to speak with you immediately or by appointment.